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Frequently Asked Questions

1.  What age children do you take?· CLC provides care for Children ages 6 weeks thru 10 years.

2. Do you accept PWSCCS?· CLC centers are proud to be a part of the Panhandle Workforce Solutions Child Care Services system.  Children’s Learning Centers are Rising Star Certified with the P.W.S.C.C.S.

3.  Is there an application/enrollment fee?·A small fee of $5.00 per family is charged to cover the cost of Administration.  However, P.W.S.C.C.S. clients are exempt from the enrollment fee.

4. What do I need to enroll?·You will need shot records for your child (ren), your DL/ID and the enrollment fee.  All other paperwork is completed at the office.  Please, allow time to complete all the required forms when you come into the office.

5. How do I find out if there is room at one of your sites?

·To check for availability at our centers, please call Intake at the Main Office, (806) 374-5223

6. How soon can I fill out paperwork?·CLC policy limits paperwork to no more than three (3) days prior to the expected start date of your child in the center.

7. Do you offer scholarships?  NO:  However, CLC offers a reduced rate funding program for those who meet qualifications.  Talk to one of our intake specialists for guidelines and qualifications for assistance.

8.Do you have drop in care? Yes:  You must call by 10:00 a.m. to secure any spots that may be available.  This service is first come, first serve and spots are limited.

9. Am I allowed to bring outside food? NO:  CLC serves meals that are in compliance with USDA guidelines, and unless your child has a doctor’s note with specific instructions we cannot alter those guidelines.
10.How long may I leave my child in care?·For children in part-time care they can remain for less than six hours (5 hours and 59 minutes) per-day.For children in full-time care, we ask that you not leave them for more than 10 hours per-day.

​11.When are daycare fees due?·Childcare fees are paid in advance on Mondays by close of business (6:30p.m.).
12.Do you have a curriculum?·All CLC centers follow an aged based curriculum.
13. Can I enroll online?  The enrollment process must be completed with Intake at the Main offices. (2300 Tee Anchor Blvd.)  Please, allow 45 minutes to one hour for this process.  PLEASE, FORMS MUST BE COMPLETED USING BLUE INK ONLY...
14. Does Children’s Learning Centers hold spots? It is the policy of Children’s Learning Centers not to hold spots at our centers.  CLC allows for a first come, first serve policy with enrollment as we do with drop-in care. you may, however,place one weeks fees as a deposit to hold a spot for up to 3 weeks prior to enrolling
15. Does Children’s Learning Centers offer Pre-K?·Children’s Learning Centers has proudly partnered with the A.I.S.D. to provide Pre-K classes in seven (4) of our nine (9) childcare Centers.
16. What is the Process for enrolling in Pre-K?
· Enrolling in Pre-K is a multi-step process that requires the following Steps: 

    i.  Call intake at CLC to find if any spots are available in our                Pre-K programs at any of our Centers.                                          ii.  Enroll at the Pre-K sponsoring School as directed by Intake.      iii. Enroll your child into Children’s Learning Center with Intake             at the Main CLC offices at 2300 Tee Anchor Blvd.​
17.   Does Pre-K have income requirements?· All 4 of the Pre-K programs have income requirements
18.   Who should I call for more Information?
· For more information on any of the programs and childcare offered at Children’s Learning Centers, please call our Intake specialists at (806) 374-5223.​

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